ShowNTell Help


Pen Perform free-style drawings in ShowNTell. Change pen color and size using the color picker and brush size tool.
Highlight Add highlighter ink over the painted regions. Change highlighter color and size using the color picker and brush size tool.
Eraser Erase sections of the drawing. Can change eraser size using brush size tool.
Color Picker Choose color for current pen/highlighter.
Brush Weight Set brush weight of pen/highlighter.
Text Insert text.
Image Insert an image. Can choose from camera, file system, or an image from another website.
Import PDF Import PDF file to slide.
Delete Delete the selected image or text.
Clear Remove all objects from the current slide.
Toggle grid Turn on/off resizable grid.
File Settings for current document.
Select/Move When this is active, click on an object to select it. The selected object can be moved or resized.
Undo Undo the last drawing.
Redo Redo the last undo-drawing.

Record and Playback

Previous Slide Navigate to the previous slide.
Next Slide Navigate to the next slide. New slides are automatically created if currently at last slide.
Record Start and stops recording.
Play Play/Resume the current recording.
Pause Pause the current playback.
Stop Stop the current playback.
Volume Control the volume.
Fullscreen Toggle Fullscreen.

Other Features

Chat Open the live chat panel. You can chat with other users viewing the same document.
Bug Report Report bugs or give feedback.
Help Toggle chatbot, documentation.